3 Benefits of Using a Wearable Blanket

In the vast sphere of baby products, you’ve probably heard the term ”wearable blanket” enter the conversation. Wearable blankets (like the bamboo rayon Owlet Sleeper) are like little sleeping bags for your baby. They usually come equipped with full-length zippers that allow you to safely zip your baby into the wearable blanket while their arms move around freely. Intrigued by wearable blankets but want to know more? Here are three benefits of using a baby wearable blanket.

Keeps Baby Warm and Safe

It’s important to make sure Baby’s sleep environment is safe and comfortable. The benefit of a wearable blanket is that you can check both off your list! The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends keeping loose blankets out of Baby’s crib. You can give your baby the security, and coziness of a blanket while following safe sleep practices by using an infant wearable blanket to eliminate any hazard from a loose blanket.

Helps With Self-Soothing and Sleep Learning

Learning to sleep through the night is a big step in Baby’s development. If you’re in the middle of sleep learning, consider adding a wearable blanket to Baby’s routine. As your child learns healthy sleep habits from sleep learning programs like Dream Lab™, comfort will help them feel calm and ready to adapt. Wearable blankets are perfect for keeping your little one snug and warm so that as they self-soothe, they stay relaxed.

Can Be Used After Swaddling is Outgrown

As your baby grows, their bedtime routine evolves, too. Soon, once your little one is able to roll over, they’ll be too big and active for swaddling. To mimic the cuddly and secure aspects of swaddling, you can upgrade your baby to a wearable blanket. One of the benefits of a baby wearable blanket is that it’ll feel similar to a warm swaddle but give Baby more room to wiggle. Plus, wearable blankets are a great way to maximize your baby’s cuddles and cuteness (if that’s even possible)!

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