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I’m playing a little catch up with today’s photo gallery, the Teenage Mutant Nina Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze – Tokka and Rahzar 7″ Scale Figure 2-Pack.In the second live action TMNT film, Shredder returns to once again take control of The Foot. Enraged by his defeat at the hands of Splinter and the Turtles, he sets a plan in motion to create his own army of mutant creatures. The first two are Tokka, a mutated alligator snapping turtle, and Rahzar, a mutated gray wolf. Shredder doesn’t anticipate the child-like state of mind of the large creatures. However, he uses this to his advantage, as the creatures possess enormous strength. Shredder sets the simple-minded mutants loose to battle the Turtles, hoping their strength can outmatch the skill of the ninja brothers.

The set was available exclusively as a limited time pre-order from the NECA Store. It shipped out to buyers between the end of 2020, and early 2021. At this time, it doesn’t sound like there are plans to reissue it. I received the set I ordered in late January, and finally set aside time to do a proper photo shoot. Read on for my thoughts and photo gallery for the NECA Tokka and Rahzar 2-Pack.

Teenage Mutant Nina Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze – Tokka and Rahzar 7″ Scale Figure 2-Pack by NECA


  • Outstanding sculpt work
  • Solid articulation throughout
  • Great paint deco
  • A nice assortment of accessories
  • The articulated facial features on Tokka were a nice surprise


The Tokka and Rahzar set are packed in a collector friendly window box. The figures each include multiple interchangeable hands. Accessories include a pipe, a wood beam, a shield for Rahzar, a donut box, a stack of donuts, a crushed donut, a mutagen canister, and a fire extinguisher. A cardboard backdrop depicting their shed is also included.

Right out of the box, I was impressed with the size and weight of both figures. Tokka stands a bit over 7″ tall, while Rahzar is about 8″ tall. The legs are sculpted in a slightly bent knee position, so they would be taller than that if they stood completely up straight (which the never do in the film). Each has a nice heft to them, which you can feel when you pick up the box. There’s a lot to like here, as both figures are excellent, and the selection of accessories covers just about every aspect of the characters appearance in the film. The cardboard donut box and included donuts are the highlight of the accessories, but it was nice to see the fire extinguisher as well. I can see fans making use of those in assorted photo shoots.

Sculpt work on Tokka is excellent. I was really impressed with the variety of textures sculpted in here. The skin, such as on the neck, is quite realistic, probably more so than the costume in the film. There are nice intricate patterns sculpted into his shell, and the details on the wrist, elbow, and knee pads are all done well. The sculpted spikes on Tokka’s shell are quite sharp, as the plastic used is a little harder than I anticipated. So I’d recommend not dropping that on your bare foot. There are three sets of hands included with Tokka, including grip hands for the pipe accessory.

The design for Tokka is big and bulky, but the sculpt doesn’t really hinder the articulation here. It’s not going to compete with a Figuarts or MAFEX, but there’s enough range of motion to relive moments from the film. One area that is handled amazingly well is Tokk’a head sculpt. While the product description mentioned eyebrow articulation, it’s something that when you see it in-hand, you can’t help but be surprised at how great it work. Add to that the articulated snout and jaw, and you have a nice variety of expressions to choose from.

Tokka’s paint deco is pretty much spot on. There are nice transitional colors on his skin, as it blends from the darker green on his arms, to the yellow under his chin. The paint work mimics the airbrushing used to define the muscles as well. Separation lines are crisp and clean, with no noticeable bleed or misaligned apps. I was also please that I experienced almost no paint chipping, cracking, or flaking as I posed the figure.

Like Tokka, the Rahzar figure sculpt is spot on. The sculpted fur is nicely detailed, and realistic enough at this scale. Rahzar features much more armor compared to Tokka, and those are all separately sculpted items. anyone patient enough could likely remove them without damaging the pieces, making for great custom fodder. The black armor pieces are a softer material, as is the skirt, so those areas don’t interfere with movement. The chest armor is a pretty hard piece of plastic, with real metal chains used on the back. Rahzar isn’t quite as expressive as Tokka, as just the jaw is articulated here. Rahzar has three set of hands, each mean to work with the different accessories. The included shield has open straps on the inside, allowing you to easily attach it to Rahzar’s arm.

Rahzar’s paint work is excellent, with nicely blended colors in the sculpted fur, and clean paint lines in areas like the eyes and mouth. there are multiple colors blended on the fur, and the entire figure looks to have a subtle light paint wash to add some extra depth. Rahzar’s chest armor and shield both have a worn metallic paint deco, adding a nice gloss to those areas without needed to use vac metal.


The Tokka and Rahzar set is a fantastic release by NECA, and probably better than any other release since the Turtles in the impressive movie line. The figure have excellent sculpt work, and a good selection of accessories. I do hope they decide to do a second production run on these, so fans who missed out get a chance without paying the high markup. Check out a selection of images below, and the full gallery below that.

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