10 Super Simple Christmas Card Designs to make in less than 5 minutes

Time to bring together ALL our Super Simple Christmas Card Desins in one place! As our Super Simple collection grows, I will keep adding the tutorials to this page!! So do keep coming back for our the super simple Christmas Card Designs and tutorials!!! Hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Collage of quick and easy Christmas card designs
First shared in Dec 2019

The first super simple card design batch include:

  1. Santa Card
  2. Snowman Card
  3. Christmas Gift Card
  4. Ted Card
  5. Christmas Tree Card

You can watch our “quick Christmas Card making video here”


The second batch of super simple Christmas cards include:

You can watch our “quick Christmas Card making video on autoplay!”

We have a fabulous “sub section” of 3d and Pop Up Christmas Card designs here:

Collage of 3d and Pop Up Christmas Cards - quick and easy to make

Check out our complete collection of Christmas Card Ideas for Kids:

Collage of Christmas Card ideas for kids!

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