5 Baby Bump Costume Ideas for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner so we asked all of you to send us photos of your baby bump costume and we were impressed with all the submissions! We loved seeing all of your creative baby Halloween ideas and have narrowed it down to our favorite five costumes. For all you mamas-to-be out there, here’s some inspiration for baby bump costumes to celebrate Halloween.

1. The “Construction Zone.” Because let’s be real, sometimes pregnancy feels like there is some serious construction going on in there!


-Submitted on Instagram by @DownWithConnor 

2. Baby Captain America. For all you Marvel fans out there, how cute is this T-Shirt with baby hiding behind the Captain America shield?


-Submitted on Instagram by @krysty.d


3. The “Bun in the Oven.” If you’ll be announcing your pregnancy around Halloween this is a great announcement + costume idea.


-Submitted on Instagram by @wissog


4. A Gumball Machine. This costume is easy, last-minute costume to bring some laughter to you and your family.


-Submitted on Instagram by @spiffany419


5. The Skeleton T-Shirt. This one is a classic, and such a cute way to do a couples costume while also including your growing bump.


-Submitted on Instagram by @chelle_stevenson


What baby bump costume inspired you for Halloween? Share your baby bump Halloween ideas in the comments below!

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