Get enough sleep or face low energy and poor concentration – research


 At least a third of adults are not getting enough sleep, impacting detrimentally on a range of health processes, including mood, energy and concentration, according to research.


One US survey, conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), found that almost 35 percent of adults are getting less than seven hours of sleep a night, sometimes leading to bad moods, low energy, difficulty in concentrating and a general inability to function adequately.


The survey indicated that sleep deprivation may increase the risk of several chronic health conditions, while other research indicates that sleep-deprived people report an increase in negative moods and poor concentration, focus and alertness.


The US Sleep Foundation says improved sleep may boost both short- and long-term cognitive performance.


SA health expert, Giulia Criscuolo said the current pandemic had upset routines and sleep cycles and the lack of adequate rest was impacting on cognitive abilities and concentration.  “Aim for at least eight hours of restorative sleep a night and take steps to improve sleep quality. Eat healthily, manage stress, exercise daily and try natural support aids for sleep, focus and energy, such as GO2, 100% natural essential oil inhalers which help stimulate the brain’s limbic system which guides our emotional responses,” said Criscuolo.


Essential oils are compounds extracted from plants and used for centuries for their therapeutic properties such as supporting calm, sleep, energy and alertness. Inhaling the oils may support the body to respond accordingly, Criscuolo added.


Martin Persson, from GO2 distributors, Stributique, said: “GO2 Inhaler Sticks are a game changer for natural health in SA because they are safe, easy to use and contain high quality, pure essential oils, known for their therapeutic, cosmetic, aromatic and spiritual support”.


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