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We’ve known for a while now that additional King Kong releases were coming from NECA Toys, especially after a teaser photo they released back in February. We’ve already shared photo galleries of the King Kong Figure, and the King Kong Illustrated Figure. Today, we have an advanced look at the next King Kong release, which is officially slated for release around Father’s Day in June. Late last week, photos started showing up for a new King Kong that had hit shelves a little over a month early at some Target stores. Since the figure is now out in the wild, we’ve been given the okay to share our photo gallery and impressions of the King Kong Ultimate Figure with Pteranodon and Pit Monster. Taking inspiration from the original King Kong movie, this figure includes the Pteranodon and Pit Monster from Skull Island. Also included are two new head sculpts, a new set of hands, and a new tree trunk weapon accessory. Here’s what NECA says about the new figure:

“The rumors of Skull Island are true, and NECA has given us a First Look!

This Father’s Day season, head over to Target stores to get the latest edition of NECA’s Ultimate King Kong figure. This new version Stands 8″ tall with super detailed hair and battle wounds across the body and brand new head sculpts, this massive figure has over 30 points of articulation. The figure includes two brand new interchangeable heads (one with jaw articulation), 3 pairs of interchangeable hands, a Pit Monster, Pteranodon, and tree trunk accessory! Window box packaging with opening 5th panel front cover.

King Kong will be first to Target this June, and available at your favorite NECA retailers later this summer!”

Our friends at NECA sent the Ultimate King Kong Figure over to check out. After the jump, you can see a full photo gallery and review for the new King Kong figure.

King Kong Ultimate Figure with Pteranodon and Pit Monster by NECA Toys


  • New scowling and articulated jaw head sculpts are great
  • Both creatures look fantastic
  • Parts swap out easily
  • Nice articulation


  • Pteranodon has a hard time standing on its own
  • Scowling face is missing the eyebrows

Like all Ultimate releases, this King Kong is packed in a collector friendly flapped window box. The packaging has all new art of Kong based on this release. The figures and accessories are packed in plastic trays, and can easily be stored when not on display. As mentioned above, the King Kong figure include a Pteranodon, a Pit Monster, a new scowling head sculpt, a new head sculpt with an articulated jaw, three sets of interchangeable hands, and a tree trunk weapon accessory.

The base body for this King Kong appears to be the same as the original release. The scars, and textured fur are the same as the original. Kong stands over 8″ tall, and has roughly 30 points of articulation including double jointed knees and elbows, rocker ankles, a ball jointed torso, and more. The paint scheme used on Kong is also the same as the first release, allowing you to swap heads and hands across both figures without them looking out of place. The two head sculpts included here are new. The main portrait is a classic looking Kong with an articulated jaw. The jaw hinge is hidden well, and the articulation is definitely welcome as there have only been open mouth portraits to this point. The scowling head sculpt looks more modern, and could definitely work as a good modern Godzilla vs Kong style figure. However, mine is missing the eyebrows. Also new here are two hand sculpts for gripping the weapon or for grabbing the two included creatures. all the new parts look great, and work well. I had no issue swapping pieces out, and didn’t have to resort to heating any joints.

The big draw for this release is going to be the two new creatures included. The Pteranodon and Pit Monster are inspired by creatures seen in the 1933 King Kong film. While small, they still pack a good amount of detail. Both mini figure include articulated necks, and the Pteranodon has an articulated jaw. Paint work is handled well here. The Pit Monster is sculpted in a way that allows it to lay flat on its stomach, so displaying is easy. The Pteranodon is a bit more tricky. The feet are small, and extremely soft, making it near impossible to stand on its own. I recommend having Kong hold the figure, or using a display stand of some kind if you want it displayed independently.

Much like their Godzilla line, I suspect we’ll be seeing multiple Kong releases inspired by his many film and other appearances. With each release it looks like there will be some new accessories, or in this case, new heads and hands, to entice fans of Kong. There’s enough new here to make this a worthwhile addition to the collection, expecially with the addition of the two creatures. I do like that the colors were kept consistent to share the new parts with the previous release, though I hope we see a pure black and white version at some point in the future. Check out a selection of images below, and the full gallery after that.

Update: It was pointed out that the scowling portrait was missing the eyebrows.

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