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These no-sew fabric bookmarks are easy for kids to make, using a piece of cardboard and a small scrap of cotton or flannel. Add a yarn and bead tassel, and it’s a pretty homemade gift for a child to give to a parent or friend who loves to read.

5 no-sew fabric bookmarks made by kids
Homemade No-Sew Bookmarks for Kids to Make and Give

When it comes to gifts that kids can make for parents, grandparents and friends, you can never go wrong with a bookmark.

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Almost everyone needs to mark their place in a book at some point, and it’s so nice to use a pretty bookmark instead of a post-it note or a grocery receipt.

Because there are so many design possibilities, my daycare kids have made lots of bookmarks over the years to give as gifts for Christmas, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

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Kids love to explore colours, patterns and textures

Today’s bookmarks are our easiest yet. Easy but fun because the kids will get to root through your fabric stash and your yarn stash, and that’s always a hit. My gang loves exploring all the different colours, patterns and textures when selecting yarn and fabric for a craft.

These book marks are also a super way to use up any bits of leftover fabric that aren’t large enough to do much with. Yay!

Grab a piece of cardboard and your fabric scraps, and I’ll show you how easy our no-sew bookmarks are to make.



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Note: We only covered one side of the cardboard for our bookmark. If you’d like to cover the front and back, just repeat step 3 and 4 for the back of the bookmark.

How to Make a No-Sew Fabric Bookmark

  1. Cut out cardboard bookmark.

    Trace a store-bought bookmark on a piece of cardboard and cut it out.
    If you don’t have a bookmark to trace, you can draw a rectangle measuring 7.25 inches x 2.25 inches on your cardboard and cut that out. Remember to round your corners if you like that look.

  2. Punch hole in cardboard bookmark.

    It’s important that you punch a hole in the top of the cardboard now. You won’t be able to get your sewing needle through it once the fabric is on otherwise.

  3. Glue fabric to cardboard.

    Spread a thin layer of white glue over one side of the cardboard, making sure to get right to the edges.
    Take a piece of fabric that’s slightly larger than your cardboard bookmark and place it over the side of the cardboard that’s covered with glue.
    Smooth the fabric with your hand to get any wrinkles out.
    Note: If you’re covering the back of your bookmark as well, repeat this step and the next for the back side.

  4. Trim excess fabric.

    Hold your bookmark with the back-side (the plain cardboard side) facing you. With scissors, go all around the bookmark, trimming away any excess fabric.

  5. Add yarn.

    Thread a piece of yarn on a plastic sewing needle and push it through the fabric where the hole in the cardboard was punched out.
    If your fabric is too dense to push the needle through, Carefully pierce it with the tip of a sharp knife or a pair of scissors.
    Pull one half of the yarn through the hole and repeat with another strand or two of yarn, depending on how you want your tassel to look.

  6. Add beads

    Thread some pony beads onto the yarn and then knot the loose ends of your yarn together to secure the tassel and beads.

5 homemade fabric bookmarks with colourful yarn tassels on black background

Wasn’t that easy? And aren’t they beautiful?

What a lovely hand-made gift for a child to give to a book-loving friend or family member.

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