October is Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, and this month, Owlet is honoring all parents and paying tribute to the precious little ones who have passed away unexpectedly. We see you, we hear you and we love you. While your sweet baby is gone, they are never, ever forgotten. 

Since our inception, Owlet has been committed to empowering parents with the right information and the right time, helping them improve the well-being of their families. With the Owlet Pregnancy Band and the Smart Sock, we believe we can work together to create a better future for pregnant women, babies, and their families.

Owlet is leading the way with our Pregnancy Band Beta program, empowering women to know more about their pregnancy than has ever been possible before. Our hope is that one day that information will help reduce pregnancy loss.

The award-winning Owlet Smart Sock has now been used by more than a million babies, and we’ve created a massive dataset to better understand infant health, while empowering parents to provide better care at home. At Owlet, we hope for a better future. 

To create a lasting reminder for all the babies lost too soon, Owlet created the Nursery of Hope, a nationwide event to bring together parents, families, and friends to plant a legacy tree in memory of babies who are gone but never forgotten. The trees represent a living legacy, growing stronger every year.

Join us this October, wherever you are, in planting a tree in remembrance as we plant from coast to coast in the Nursery of Hope. Please share photos and tag us so we can see your own little Nursery of Hope.

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