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Tamashii Nations has updated with product pages for their all-new Pac-Man collectibles. They are releasing a Pac-Man S.H. Figuarts action figure, a Chogokin Pac-Man, and a Pac-Man Proplica. These were originally revealed back at the Tamashii Nation Virtual Event in November.

The S.H. Figuarts Pac-Man stands just over 4″ tall. It’s based on the iconic promotional artwork used for legendary video game. The figure has over 22 points of articulation, and will include multiple interchangeable hands, two swap out face parts, an 8-bit Cherry accessory, and an 8-bit Blinky accessory. The figure is due for release in May 2021. It will be priced at 4,420 Yen (about $23 USD).

Fans looking for something a little different may want to check out the Chogokin Pac-Man. This release features a Pac-Man mini figure that stands a little under 1″ tall that fits inside a 4″ tall robotic Pac-Man mech suit, which features diecast metal parts. The robotic Pac-Man is fully articulated, has moveable eyes, has fists that detach, and can be transformed into a makeshift vehicle mode. The set includes four robotic ghosts (Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde), and a figure stand. The Chogokin Pac-Man is due out in August 2021. It will be priced at 8,800 Yen (about $85 USD).

The final Pac-Man piece is a Proplica Pac-Man. This release is meant to be a replica of the actual Pac-Man from the game. It has a wheel on the bottom that allows you to roll the Pac-Man along. His mouth will open and close when being rolled, and he will also play the iconic “Waka-waka” sound effects as he moves. Roll him long enough, and you will hear the “coffee break” intermission music. The Proplica Pac-Man stands a little over 3″ tall, and will include a display stand. It’s due to hit stores in June 2121. It’s priced at 3,850 Yen (about $37 USD).

Check out the photos of all three after the jump.

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