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Tamashii Nations 2021 is happening this weekend, and is live right now!  The online virtual reality event lets you bounce around to different areas and check out all the new products and properties you dig.  Right at the kick off there were several new items from multiple lines worth checking out.  We’ve rounded them up below, read on to check out the pics as well.  There are multiple other brands and some previously seen items, so we do suggest heading on over to the official site and browsing around.  If more items pop up over the weekend, we’ll update again so stay tuned!

Namek Saga Saiyan Armor Gohan and Krillin
Cell Saga Android 20 / Dr. Gero
• Cell Shell
• 1st Form Cell
• Cell Saga Krillin
• Super Hero Goku
• Super Hero Vegeta
• Super Hero Piccolo
• Super Hero Gamma 1
• Super Hero Gamma 2

Marvel Tech-On Avengers
• Spider-Man
• Wolverine
• Captain Marvel
• Black Panther
• Captain America
• Iron Man

Marvel S.H. Figuarts
• Iron Patriot (Endgame)
• Vision
• Vision (White)
• Shang-Chi Mandarin
• Multiple Previously Seen Items (Spider-Man, Eternals)

Star Wars S.H. Figuarts
• Moff Gideon



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