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NECA is releasing a second version of their Assassin Predator with a new color scheme. The Unarmored Assassin Predator has a color scheme based on his appearance earlier in the film. In The Predator, this upgraded Predator is the result of genetic modification, mixing his DNA with that of creatures throughout the galaxy. This has resulted in a taller, stronger, faster Yautja that has no need for a biomask or armor, as he has those features built in now. The Assassin Predator seeks out the Fugutve Predator, looking to prevent him from delivering the Predator Killer Armor to humanity, allowing them to stand a chance against an army of upgraded Yautja. The original figure release was based on his Armored Skin, where as this features his natural skin color.

The Unarmored Assassin Predator is scheduled to hit Walmart stores between now and early March, and then will hit other stores this Spring. Our friends at NECA have sent over the figure for review. After the jump, you can see my thoughts, and gallery for the upcoming figure.

The Predator – Unarmored Assassin Predator 7″ Scale Figure by NECA


  • Massive figure
  • Excellent sculpted details
  • Great articulation
  • Strong paint work
  • Easy to swap out parts
  • Tighter ankle and hips compared to original release


The Unarmored Assassin Predator is packed in a large flapped window box. The front flap includes one of the posters for the film, featuring a close up of the Assassin Predator’s hand holding the severed head of the Fugitive Predator. The figure includes two interchangeable portraits, two sets of interchangeable hands, a removable wrist blade, and a removable wrist cannon.

The Assassin Predator is a very large figure, and stands about 11″ tall. For the most part, this is the same figure that was released back in 2019 (see our Gallery and Review of the Armored Assassin for more thoughts on the figure). The sculpt, articulation, and accessories are all the same. The only major difference is the paint scheme. The good thing is that not only are the colors different, but the paint masks are different. This gives the Predator different markings on his skin compared to the first release, and helps it to feel a bit separated from that release. The paint is applied well, with crisp line work, and nice transitional colors in the skin. The small bits of armor, such as the gauntlets, have a nice paint wash over it. The other notable difference for me was the improved feel of some of the joints compared to the first release. I had much less trouble keeping this figure standing, as the ankles and hip connections were much stronger feeling.

There’s not much else to say on this release. It’s still a large, and mostly fun figure to mess with. The more natural looking colors will fit in better with a movie Predator shelf. If you missed the first Assassin Predator, then this is worth grabbing if you like the look. It’s a very well made release, but doesn’t offer much new outside of a new color scheme. Check out some images below, and the full gallery after that.

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